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Identification of Chemical Reactions

kit #84

Looking for activities that help students hone their deductive reasoning and observation interpretation skills?
Then take a close look at this!

Students first mix seven known solutions into any of twenty-one possible combinations, using standard lab procedures. They then observe and make notations as to how the chemicals react.

Some of the chemical reactions produced by the combinations are:
• Formation of a precipitate
• Color change
• Gas generation
• Exothermic reaction

After recording their observations, students must decide whether a chemical reaction has taken place, and provide evidence to support their deductions. As an extension, students can write the probable chemical equation of each reaction.

Lab is complete for 50 students.
The Identification of Chemical Reactions Kit is an excellent complement to both the Qualitative Analysis Chromatography Kit (LAB-AIDS© No. 18) and the Identification of Substances Kit (LAB-AIDS© No. 83).


  • Conduct experiments and Identify four types of chemical reactions: color changes, precipitates, gas generation, and exothermic
  • Involves deductive reasoning when testing "unknowns"

Content List in Identification of Chemical Reactions is as follows:

Quantity Description
12 Chemplates® with spatulas
2 Solution 1, Hydrochloric acid, Drop control bottle
2 Solution No. 2, Sodium carbonate, Drop control bottle
2 Solution No. 3, Sodium hydroxide, Drop control bottle
2 Solution No. 4, Potassium chromate, Drop control bottle
2 Solution No. 5, Calcium chloride, Drop control bottle
2 Solution No. 6, Sodium hydrogen sulfite, Drop control bottle
2 Solution No. 7, Copper sulfate, Drop control bottle
2 “Unknown” solution, Drop control bottle
1 Teacher’s Guide with SDS
50 Student Worksheets and Guides
Number of students
Number of groups
Maximum 12 groups per period

To complete this kit requires one ~50-minute class period.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Identification of Chemical Reactions 84 $144.15
Identification of Chemical Reactions REFRESH-A-KIT 84-RC $96.95