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DNA & Nucleotide Modeling: Single Group

kit #71-513

This kit allows a student to construct a model of an 8-rung ladder segment of a DNA molecule and then build a molecular model of the basic components of the nucleotides of RNA and DNA. This Lab-Aid combines the features of the Molecular Model of DNA and its Replication (LAB-AIDS® No.71) and Nucleic Acid Molecular Structure (LAB-AIDS® No. 513) for an individual student. All components are reusable and the nucleotides (when using more than one kit) can be linked together to form a DNA model. A set of instructions for constructing the models is included with each packet. This activity is an excellent review of these concepts.


  • Individualize DNA model
  • Build a molecular model of basic components of the nucleotides of RNA and DNA

Content List in DNA & Nucleotide Modeling: Single Group is as follows:

Quantity Description
4 Adenine (A) (orange)
49 Covalent plastic bonds
4 Cytosine (C) (blue)
16 Deoxyribose sugar groups (black)
4 Guanine (G) (yellow)
8 Hydrogen bonds
16 Phosphate groups (white tubes)
19 Single electron hydrogen atoms (white)
10 Carbon (black), tetrahedral centers
5 Nitrogen (red), tetrahedral centers
11 Oxygen (blue), tetrahedral centers
1 Phosphorous (purple), tetrahedral centers
4 Thymine (T) (green), tetrahedral centers
1 Student Instruction Manual
Number of groups

To complete the two activities in this kit requires two to three ~50-minute class periods.

Title Item # Price Quantity
DNA & Nucleotide Modeling: Single Group 71-513 $41.15
DNA Modeling: Molecular Structure & Replication 71 $117.40
Nucleotide Modeling: An Introduction to RNA & DNA 513 $154.45