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Investigating Lactose Intolerance

kit #802

Students are first introduced to lactose-intolerance and its cause. Next, they work in pairs to test whole milk and lactose-free milk for the presence of glucose. They find that glucose is present in lactose-free milk but is not present in whole milk. They then add lactase to the whole milk, retest it for glucose, and discover that it now contains glucose.

Key Vocabulary: Control, Enzyme, Glucose, Lactase, Lactose, Lactose intolerance

  • Enzymes, such as lactase that breaks down lactose (into glucose and galactose), are essential to life processes.
  • Lactose needs to be broken down in order to be digested by humans.
  • Individuals who lack certain enzymes can experience uncomfortable and/or dangerous symptoms.
  • Controls are essential components of the scientific process.

Content List in Investigating Lactose Intolerance is as follows:

Quantity Description
96 Glucose test strips
32 Tasting cups
16 Well plates
16 Droppers
4 15-mL bottles of glucose test solution
4 15-mL bottles of water (shipped empty)
4 15-mL bottles of lactase solution (shipped as powder)
32 Student Worksheet and Guides
1 Teacher's Guide
1 Safety Data Sheet packet
Number of Students
Number of Groups
maximum 16 per period

Requires one to two ~50 minute class periods

Title Item # Price Quantity
Investigating Lactose Intolerance 802 $121.90