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Investigating Light: Reflection and Mirrors (Station approach)

kit #P104-S03

Working at this station, students use plane and curved mirrors to observe and measure the angles of incident and reflected rays. Using their data, students apply their understanding of Snell’s Law and straight-line travel to explain how mirrors can focus light and produce reversed images. The activities in this module (and in the related P104-S01, P104-S02, and P104-S04 modules) were originally part of longer units developed at the University of Kentucky. The station approach allows you to offer a variety of concurrent activities for different student groups.


This kit was written and designed by professors at the University of Kentucky.

  • Light travels in a straight line.
  • Light reflects from surfaces in a predictable fashion with predictable results.
  • Ideal companion for Kits P104-S01, P104-S02, and P104-S04.

Content List in Investigating Light: Reflection and Mirrors (Station approach) is as follows:

Quantity Description
1 Teacher's Guide
1 Light station, LAB-AIDS®
1 Yellow wooden rod
1 Green wooden rod
1 Flexible two-sided mirror
1 Flexible mirror holder
1 T-shaped beam blocker
1 String
1 Single-slot mask
1 Three-slot mask
1 White paper
1 Aluminum foil
1 Colored paper
1 Viewing screen
2 Plane mirrors
2 Colored pencils
3 Plane mirror holders
3 Glue dots
10 Tape pieces, removable
Number of students
1 small group

To complete the activities in this four-activity kit requires four to eight ~50-minute class periods.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Investigating Light: Reflection and Mirrors (Station approach) P104-S03 $169.95
Investigating Light: The Visible Spectrum (Station approach) P104-S01 $199.95
Investigating Light: Colors and Energy (Station approach) P104-S02 $169.95
Investigating Light: Refraction and Lenses (Station approach) P104-S04 $169.95
Reflection and Refraction Module (no light stations) P130 $822.85