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Investigating Light: The Visible Spectrum (Station approach)

kit #P104-S01

Working at this station, students use diffraction gratings and build a spectroscope to investigate the spectra of different light sources. They then gather evidence that shows that when different light sources and colored filters are used, the appearance of objects can change. As they are making observations and gathering evidence they are also learning the science that explains their results. Four student activities will take a total of between four and eight 50-minute sessions to complete. The activities in this module (and in the related P104-S02, P104-S03, and P104-S04 modules) were originally part of longer units developed at the University of Kentucky. The station approach allows you to offer a variety of concurrent activities for different student groups.


This kit was written and designed by professors at the University of Kentucky.

  • Visible light contains one or more colors of the visible spectrum.
  • What we see is related to the color of light that enters our eyes.
  • Ideal companion for Kits P104-S02, P104-S03, and P104-S04

Content List in Investigating Light: The Visible Spectrum (Station approach) is as follows:

Quantity Description
1 Teacher's Guide
1 Light station, LAB-AIDSĀ®
1 Colored paper strip set
1 Colored pencil set
1 Compact fluorescent bulb
1 Socket and cord for compact fluorescent bulb
1 Slotted shield for compact fluorescent bulb
1 Blue filter slide
1 Green filter slide
1 Red filter slide
1 Square-frame diffraction grating
1 Single-slot mask
1 Diffusing mask
2 Spectroscopes (tubes and end caps)
2 Color transparencies
2 Mirror/Slide holders
4 Round diffraction gratings
Number of students
1 small group

To complete the activities in this four-activity kit requires four to eight ~50-minute class periods.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Investigating Light: The Visible Spectrum (Station approach) P104-S01 $219.95
Investigating Light: Colors and Energy (Station approach) P104-S02 $184.95
Investigating Light: Reflection and Mirrors (Station approach) P104-S03 $184.95
Investigating Light: Refraction and Lenses (Station approach) P104-S04 $184.95
Investigating Light Module (no light stations) P110 $499.95