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Investigating Plant Macronutrients Using Hydroponics

kit #36R

Do plants only grow in soil? Not always. Sometimes they grow in water. This stimulating and fun kit includes uniquely designed Lab-Aids® transparent plastic culture chambers that allow students to “clearly” view plant growth and development in various nutrient solutions.
The following experiments are included:
♦ Seed germination time comparisons
♦ Plant growth time comparisons
♦ Effects of nutrient deficiency
♦ An understanding of hydroponics
This highly graphic and unique activity can be used individually or in groups at many grade levels. It is an excellent activity for science fairs or projects.


  • Observe plants growing in a nutrient solution
  • Study and compare seed germination time and plant growth time
  • Observe development of roots, stems and leaves
  • Study effects of nutrient deficiency
  • Use controls in experiments
  • Understand hydroponics

Content List in Investigating Plant Macronutrients Using Hydroponics is as follows:

Quantity Description
36 Germinating plugs
6 LAB-AIDS® Greenhouses with detachable vented roofs
6 Germinating floats
6 Light shields for Greenhouses
5 Seed packets
1 Bottle of Iron Chelate solution
1 Bottle of Trace Element Solution
1 Bottle of Ca(NO3)2 Solution
1 Bottle of CaCl2 Solution
1 Bottle of KCl Solution
1 Bottle of KNO3 Solution
1 Bottle of MgSO4 and KH2PO4 Solution
28 Student Worksheet and Guides
1 Teacher’s Guide
1 SDS packet
Number of groups
Number of simultaneously germinating seeds
24 total, maximum 12 per chamber

To complete this kit requires at least part of one ~50-minute class period for set-up then additional class time for observing and note taking over the next several weeks.

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Investigating Plant Macronutrients Using Hydroponics 36R $154.45
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