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Natural Resources Bundle 1

kit #AG-S03

This bundle provides a savings of $66.75 and contains the following kits:

Modeling and Investigating Watersheds (#437)
Despite the significance of watersheds, many students get few opportunities to explore this important aspect of topography and its relationship to the water cycle. Students apply “rain” over a topographic model and observe the water runoff. From their observations they identify the location of major bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and streams. This activity not only provides students with first-hand experience with watersheds but also provides a knowledge base to better understand issues such as how an abandoned mine may influence water quality far from the mine site or how farming practices in Nebraska may influence the health of organisms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Modeling Stream Erosion and Deposition (#442)
Student groups use a Lab-Aids® Mini Stream Table to investigate the dynamics of stream erosion and deposition. Using specially engineered materials students create, observe, describe, and interpret the erosional and depositional patterns created when “rainwater” flows over an area. Some of the features commonly formed include canyons, braided streams, and deltas.

Making and Interpreting Topographic Maps, Developed by SEPUP (#439S)
This activity provides students with a basic understanding of topographic maps and how to interpret them. Students conduct a hands-on investigation using the Lab-Aids® Topographic Model to construct contour lines and create a topographic map of an area. The activity illustrates the relationship between the contour lines on a topographic map and the actual shape of the land.


Title Item # Price Quantity
Natural Resources Bundle 1 AG-S03 $334.60
Modeling and Investigating Watersheds 437 $118.70
Making and Interpreting Topographic Maps (Developed by SEPUP) 439S $107.20
Modeling Stream Erosion and Deposition 442 $208.25