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Natural Resources Bundle 2

kit #AG-S04

This bundle provides a savings of $80.80 and contains the following kits:

Copper Mining and Extraction, Developed by SEPUP (#440S)
Copper and other raw materials contribute to our technological lifestyle, but the by-products of extracting copper from ore are potential toxic wastes. In this activity, students explore the properties of copper and copper ore. They conduct two reactions used to extract and recover copper from the ore. This process introduces single and double replacement reactions. Students also consider the wastes produced by the extraction process.

Biology and Chemistry of Soil Experiment (#32)
Why is it important to take an antibiotic as prescribed? Students model the effects of antibiotics on the population of disease-causing bacteria during an infection. During the simulation, some groups complete the full course of antibiotics, while others miss doses. They then graph populations of more-resistant and less-resistant bacteria. Students observe the selection of more-resistant bacteria that can take place if antibiotic treatment is intermittent or discontinued prematurely. Through this activity, students learn why it’s important to take “the full course” of antibiotics.

Qualitative Introduction to Water Pollution (#19)
This kit provides an unsophisticated, but effective way to examine their region’s natural and treated waters. The easy-to-perform chemical tests in this kit qualitatively identify many common water pollutants. While conducting these tests, students also learn about the different methods used in quality water testing methods, how to interpret results from these methods, and how to identify the pH of locally collected water.


Title Item # Price Quantity
Natural Resources Bundle 2 AG-S04 $450.51
Qualitative Introduction to Water Pollution 19 $272.90
Biology and Chemistry of Soil Experiment 32 $139.00
Copper Mining and Extraction 440S $154.45