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Plant Science Bundle 3

kit #AG-S11

This bundle provides a savings of $69.95 and contains the following kits:

Differentiation of Cells Experiment (#63)
Cell Differentiation is a process by which development of a living organism is achieved. Through a series of progressive changes, a generalized cell transforms into a specialized cell. The more specialized the cell becomes; the less likely it is to divide. After the seeds germinate, students prepare slides, then watch the living material differentiate before their eyes. They will also observe generalized cellular divisions in meristematic root cap tissue and isolate specialized cells. In the final activity, students diagram and label the differentiated cells. Microscopes are needed.

Normal Mitosis (#9)
Using this outstanding kit, students will first identify the phases of plant mitosis, then observe chromosomal development. They gain hands-on experience with the micro-techniques by staining and mounting their own slides. Finally students prepare their own plant cells by treating scientifically grown onion root tips cells with a mild acid, then staining the cells. A stained section of cells is then squashed onto a slide and smeared into a single layer for microscopic study. Microscopes are needed.

Plant Cell Study (#61)
This simple lab activity provides a sense of realism that commercially prepared slides can’t possibly duplicate. Students prepare slides using the pre-cut plant cross sections and macerated stem tissue, then stain and mount the samples. Clearly diagrammed cell guides and individualized student worksheets help the students through this fascinating activity. This activity allows students to develop an understanding of the art of slide preparation, a skill necessary in future life science and biology classes. There is enough slide preparation material for 30 students in this kit. Requires microscopes.


Title Item # Price Quantity
Plant Science Bundle 3 AG-S11 $401.68
Normal Mitosis 9 $236.85
Differentiation of Cells Experiment 63 $87.50
Plant Cell Study: Comparing Monocot and Dicot Stems 61 $180.20