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Power Systems Bundle 2

kit #AG-S06

This bundle provides a savings of $96.25 and contains the following kits:

Investigating the Design and Output of Wet Cell Batteries, Developed by SEPUP (#205S)
This kit introduces students to the concept of energy conversion through the study of a simple electrochemical cell connected to an electric motor. Students design and conduct an experiment that uses the unique Lab-Aids® Wet Cell Chamber to determine which combination of different metals works best to convert the potential chemical energy into electric energy. Their results allow them to rank the metals tested in order of reactivity. They also investigate how the distance between the metals, the direction of current flow and the amount of metal surface area impacts the electrical output of the wet cell.

Investigating Photovoltaic Cells, Developed by SEPUP (#220S)
Students use photovoltaic cells to transform energy from sunlight into electrical energy as they investigate solar energy as an example of a renewable energy source. They explore how to power a motor using the photovoltaic cells and investigate some factors that affect the cells’ ability to transform light energy into electricity. They then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using solar energy.

Energy Transfer: Motors, Generators and Sources of Electricity (#213)
Students explore the relationship between, and practical applications of, electricity and magnets. They use a battery, a magnet and a coiled wire to build a simple electric motor and then use a pre-assembled electric motor to generate electric current. In Activity 2, students read about how electricity is generated for home and commercial use. They compare the methods and equipment needed to convert energy carried by renewable and non-renewable resources into electric current.


Title Item # Price Quantity
Power Systems Bundle 2 AG-S06 $486.92
Investigating the Design & Output of Wet Cell Batteries 205S $209.95
Investigating Photovoltaic Cells 220S $182.30
Energy Transfer: Motors, Generators, and Sources of Electricity 213 $223.35