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Rh Blood Typing

kit #1A-32

The significance of the Rh factor becomes clear as students type their own blood to determine if they are Rh Positive or Rh Negative.
In the first part of this activity, students determine their own Rh blood type. This is done by typing their blood and observing tissue incompatibility. Next, they mix a blood sample with Rh serum. Finally, the students observe the resulting film for agglutination. If agglutination occurs, the red cells possess the Rh factor and the individual is considered to be Rh+. If agglutination doesn't occur, they are Rh-. No warming of the serum or light box is necessary.
This interesting kit includes background information on the discovery of the Rh factor, the physiological basis for Rh incompatibility, and the procedure used for correcting this among newborns. The exclusive Slide Guide® gives each student a permanent notebook record of the experiment. This kit contains enough material for 32 student tests.


Lab-Aids blood typing kits are designed for educational purposes only.

These kits are not intended for clinical or diagnostic use.

  • Determine Rh factor
  • Understand Rh mechanisms and relationships to transfusion and genetics
  • Observe tissue compatibility

Content List in Rh Blood Typing is as follows:

Quantity Description
1 Teacher’s Guide with MSDS
1 Anti-Rh serum, drop controlled bottle
32 Slide Guides®
32 Spatulas. mixing
32 Alcohol pads, pre-saturated
32 Lancets, sterile, disposable
Number of Students

To complete this kit requires approximately one 50-minute class period.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Rh Blood Typing 1A-32 $89.55