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Hydrolysis of Salts Experiment

Kit #112

Students discover how and why salts vary in neutrality, as they determine the actual acid or base makeup of different salt solutions. Using the Lab-Aids® Chemplate®, each student tests seven different salt solutions for relative pH. They predict relative strength, and determine whether the salt hydrolyzed in water to produce an acidic or basic solution. This is all done through observation.

Details at a Glance

  • 1 Day | 1 ~50 minute class period
  • 1 Activity
  • Accommodates 1 class, with 12 groups of 4 students
  • Consumables service 50 students
  • Requires a water source

Complete Kit Equipment Package

Hydrolysis of Salts Experiment

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Scientific Concepts

• Discover why salts vary in neutrality
• Determine relative pH and strength of various salt solutions
• Determine the effect of hydrolysis in producing acids or bases

Guides & Student Sheets

Our kits and modules provide you with everything you need so you can open, review, and teach the material confidently the next day.

  • Full downloadable Teacher Guide with background information, detailed instruction, example data and answers
  • Downloadable Student Sheets with age appropriate background information, full procedure(s), and analysis questions
  • All materials necessary to carry out the investigation
  • Safety Data Sheets

Kit Components

  • 50 Student Worksheets and Guides
  • 1 Teacher's Guide with MSDS
  • 12 CHEMPLATES w/spatula
  • 3 Deionized Water, Drop control bottle
  • 2 Aluminum Sulfate, Vial
  • 2 Ammonium Chloride , Vial
  • 2 Copper II Nitrate, Vial
  • 2 Potassium Sulfate, Vial
  • 2 Sodium Acetate, Vial
  • 2 Sodium Carbonate, Vial
  • 2 Vials of Sodium Chloride
  • 2 Universal pH indicator paper - 100 per vial
  • Not included and needed for instruction: Graph paper.

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