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Investigating Selective Breeding

Kit #905
Investigating Selective Breeding

In this series of two activities students explore inherited traits. They use LAB-AIDs simulated corn ears and Punnett squares to gather data on, interpret, and predict the probability of traits being passed from parent to offspring. They then read about “survival of the fittest,” natural selection, selective breeding, and the relationships between these concepts.

Details at a Glance

  • 1-2 Days | 1-2 ~50 minute class periods
  • 2 Activities
  • Accommodates unlimited classes, each with 12 groups of 3 students
  • Meets our criteria for supporting literacy
  • All materials are non-consumable
  • Includes digital resources

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Investigating Selective Breeding

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Scientific Concepts

•Every organism requires a set of instructions for specifying its traits. Heredity is the passage of these instructions from one generation to another.
•The characteristics of an organism can be described in terms of a combination of traits. Some traits are inherited and others result from interactions with the environment.
•Understanding basic concepts and principles of science and technology should precede active debate about the economics, policies, politics, and ethics of various science- and technology-related challenges.
•Humans have a major effect on other species.
KEY VOCABULARY: allele, dominant, gene, genetic engineer, genotype, heterozygpous, homozygous, natural selection, Punnett square, phenotype, recessive, selective breeding, survival of the fittest, trait

Guides & Student Sheets

Our kits and modules provide you with everything you need so you can open, review, and teach the material confidently the next day.

  • Full downloadable Teacher Guide with background information, detailed instruction, example data and answers
  • Downloadable Student Sheets with age appropriate background information, full procedure(s), and analysis questions
  • All materials necessary to carry out the investigation
  • Safety Data Sheets

Kit Components

  • 1 Teacher’s Guide
  • 28 Student Worksheet and Guides
  • 12 Sets of two LAB-AIDS Corn Ears (A and B)
  • 1 Transparency: Four Cattle Breeds, Color

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