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Lab-Aids Light Station Plus

Kit #810
Lab-Aids Light Station Plus

The Lab-Aids© Light Station is a safe, compact, easy to- use light source, suitable for use in middle and high schools. It provides a cost-effective way for your students to study light and its interactions with matter. The light station is constructed of sturdy, high-impact polystyrene, and uses a 12 volt transformer and long-life bulb to minimize the risk of shock to students. The light station consists of a base, with in-line switch and heavy duty six foot cord; a box, which folds flat for shipping and storage; and a lid, which fits snugly to eliminate light leaks. The front of the station, shown here with a single slot mask (included), will accommodate a variety of additional, optional masks, allowing students to investigate principles of color and reflection and refraction. A 12-volt transformer and 12 foot cord are also provided. The bulb rests in a base that can be rotated 180 degrees to position the bulb filament as needed. The station produces a clean, bright beam suitable for use in moderate to low-light classroom environments. The kit includes: The light station and power supply. One 15W V-filament light bulb. One each of the following filters: single slit, three slit, diffusing filter mask, tri-color, red, blue and green.

Details at a Glance

  • | ~50 minute class periods
  • Accommodates unlimited classes, each with 1 group of 4 students
  • All materials are non-consumable

Complete Kit Equipment Package

Lab-Aids Light Station Plus

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Guides & Student Sheets

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  • All materials necessary to carry out the investigation
  • Safety Data Sheets
Lab-Aids Light Station Plus

Kit Components

  • 1 Teachers Guide
  • 1 Light station base with switch and socket
  • 1 Light bulb, V-filament
  • 1 Foldable walls
  • 1 Top cover
  • 1 Transformer
  • 1 1-Slit mask
  • 1 3-Slit mask
  • 1 Blue filter
  • 1 Diffusing filter
  • 1 Green filter
  • 1 Red filter
  • 1 Tri-color filter