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Modeling Chemical Equilibrium

Kit #89
Modeling Chemical Equilibrium

Students use an innovative Lab-Aids® model to simulate the simultaneous occurrence of forward and reverse reactions. This mechanical system provides a simple look at dynamic equilibrium and allows students to collect data that helps develop the concept of chemical equilibrium and the equilibrium constant (Keq). They then use their understanding of Keq to calculate the predicted results for other "reactions."

Details at a Glance

  • 1 Day | 1 ~50 minute class period
  • 1 Activity
  • Accommodates 24 classes, each with 6 groups of 4 students
  • Consumables service 576 students
  • Meets our criteria for supporting literacy
  • Requires a water source

Complete Kit Equipment Package

Modeling Chemical Equilibrium

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Scientific Concepts

•Chemical Reactions
•Reaction rates depend on the properties of the reacting species
•Models are useful tools for exploring and understanding natural phenomena
•Many chemical reactions reach a state of equilibrium where the rate of production of products is equal to the rate of production of reactants
•The equilibrium constant, Keq, for a chemical reaction describes the relative proportion of each chemical once equilibrium is reached

Guides & Student Sheets

Our kits and modules provide you with everything you need so you can open, review, and teach the material confidently the next day.

  • Full downloadable Teacher Guide with background information, detailed instruction, example data and answers
  • Downloadable Student Sheets with age appropriate background information, full procedure(s), and analysis questions
  • All materials necessary to carry out the investigation
  • Safety Data Sheets

Kit Components

  • 1 Teacher’s Guide and MSDS
  • 28 Student Guides and Worksheets
  • 6 Graduated Reactant Bottles LAB-AIDS®
  • 6 Unmarked Bottles
  • 6 Round-collared Equilibrium Plugs® , LAB-AIDS®
  • 6 Square-collared Equilibrium Plugs®, LAB-AIDS®
  • 6 Hexagonal-collared Equilibrium Plugs®, LAB-AIDS®
  • 2 Blue food coloring, 15-mL bottles
  • Not included and needed for instruction: Metric rulers.

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