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Modeling the Effects of an Introduced Species

Kit #547S
Modeling the Effects of an Introduced Species

Students work in groups to use a set of cards to develop a model of a food web for one of four ecosystems. Students are then given an additional card representing an introduced species. They then consider the effects this new organism will have on the ecosystem and revise their models to explain how the flow of energy and cycling of matter are disrupted by this introduced species.

Details at a Glance

  • 1-2 Days | 1-2 ~50 minute class periods
  • 1 Activity
  • Accommodates unlimited classes, each with 8 groups of 4 students
  • Meets our criteria for supporting literacy
  • All materials are non-consumable
  • Developed in partnership with SEPUP

Scientific Concepts

Performance Expectation
Disciplinary Core Ideas
•MS-LS2.B Cycle of Matter and Energy Transfer in Ecosystems
•MS-LS2.C Ecosystem Dynamics, Functioning, and Resilience
Science and Engineering Practices
•Developing and Using Models
Crosscutting Concepts
•Energy and Matter
•Systems and System Models
•Connections to Nature of Science
KEY VOCABULARY: consumer, food web, predator, prey, producer

Guides & Student Sheets

Our kits and modules provide you with everything you need so you can open, review, and teach the material confidently the next day.

  • Full downloadable Teacher Guide with background information, detailed instruction, example data and answers
  • Downloadable Student Sheets with age appropriate background information, full procedure(s), and analysis questions
  • All materials necessary to carry out the investigation
  • Safety Data Sheets

Kit Components

  • 1 set of Introduced Species Cards
  • 8 sets of Food Web Cards
  • 9 resealable bags (for storing card sets)
  • 32 Student Worksheet and Guides
  • 1 Teacher's Guide
  • Not included and needed for instruction: Either a large sheet of paper and a set of markers or a ribbon or a string.