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Simulated Urinalysis Investigation

Kit #4

In this activity students assume the role of a medical technician responsible for running lab tests and writing up reports. They test simulated urine from five different “patients” for specific gravity, pH, phosphates, chlorides, and glucose levels. They then analyze the test results and provide feedback about each “patient’s” health.

Details at a Glance

  • 1-2 Days | 1-2 ~50 minute class periods
  • 1 Activity
  • Accommodates 1 class, with 15 groups of 2 students
  • Consumables service 30 students
  • Meets our criteria for supporting literacy
  • Includes digital resources
  • Requires a water source

Complete Kit Equipment Package

Urinalysis Simulation

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Scientific Concepts

•Kidneys play a major role in removing waste from the bloodstream.
•Urine contains dissolved chemical waste products.
•Simple tests can detect the amounts of dissolved chemicals in a solution.
•Healthy individuals have specific ranges of dissolved chemicals in their urine.
•Deviation from normal ranges can indicate specific conditions or diseases.
KEY VOCABULARY: specific gravity, urinalysis

Guides & Student Sheets

Our kits and modules provide you with everything you need so you can open, review, and teach the material confidently the next day.

  • Full downloadable Teacher Guide with background information, detailed instruction, example data and answers
  • Downloadable Student Sheets with age appropriate background information, full procedure(s), and analysis questions
  • All materials necessary to carry out the investigation
  • Safety Data Sheets

Kit Components

  • 1 Teacher’s Guide with MSDS
  • 30 Student Worksheets and Guides
  • 15 Chemplates® w/spatula
  • 5 Density tubes
  • 5 pH color charts
  • 1 Universal Indicator paper, vial
  • 3 Benedict’s Solution, Drop control bottle
  • 3 Chlorine test solution 1, Drop control bottle
  • 3 Phosphate Test Solution 1, Drop control bottle
  • 3 Phosphate Test Solution 2, Drop control bottle
  • 3 Simulated Urine I, Drop control bottle
  • 3 Simulated Urine II, Drop control bottle
  • 3 Simulated Urine III, Drop control bottle
  • 3 Simulated Urine IV, Drop control bottle
  • 3 Simulated Urine V, Drop control bottle
  • Not included and needed for instruction: (1) water bath, (5) test tubes with holders.

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