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A Natural Approach to Chemistry | Third Edition

A Natural Approach to Chemistry | Third Edition

Third Edition

A Natural Approach to Chemistry offers the familiar hands-on, experiential learning that teachers and students love from earlier editions along with powerful new updates. Lab-Aids partnered with a team of researchers, educators, and chemists, including Dr. Manos Chaniotakis, one of the lead authors of the original A Natural Approach to Chemistry, as well as software engineers and mobile app designers, who all specialize in designing and developing learning tools for the education market. 

Overview Highlights

  • Full-year high school program suitable for basic, honors, and college prep courses
  • 5E Learning Model
  • LabHub 2.0 with Bluetooth-connected app
  • 65+ lab investigations to support independent inquiry and hands-on student investigation
  • Comprehensive NGSS alignment and support
  • Beyond the required PEs: optional activities on gas laws, pH, organic chemistry and more.

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Details at a Glance

  • 1 year | ~50 minute class periods
  • 65 Activities
  • Accommodates 5 classes, each with 8 groups of 4 students
  • Consumables service 160 students
  • Meets our criteria for supporting literacy
  • Includes digital resources
  • Requires a water source
  • Includes assessment

Complete Curriculum Equipment Package

Student Access (Required)

Additional Curriculum Materials

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Program Components

What resources are available for teachers?

Completely customizable to best fit your classroom size and material needs, depending on the materials already in your Chemistry classroom.

Equipment for all Curriculum Activities

Available in distinct packages to mix and match, equipment options for A Natural Approach to Chemistry are: 
- Complete Equipment Pack for a group of 4
- LabHub System 
- Core Chemicals Package for a group of 4
- Bulk Chemicals Equipment Package

Online Teacher Portal License

Online Teacher Portal access for one teacher which includes the Teacher Edition, Lab Investigation Manual, Student Book, Slide decks, and supplemental resources. Also available as single-year subscriptions.

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What are the options for student access?

Student access is not included in the Complete Equipment Package to keep purchasing options flexible. You have the option of purchasing printed student books, online student access, or both.

Student Book

Hardbound, high-quality student books are designed to last the length of an adoption for use year after year. Unlike a traditional texbook, the Student Book does not provide science content through reading and questions. Instead students are encouraged to question, investigate, and analyze in each of the heavily field-tested activities. 

Online Student Portal License

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Online Student Portal access for one teacher which includes: Spanish versions, LABsent, editable PowerPoints, Teacher Edition, Student Book, and supplemental resources. Ability to highlight, bookmark and make notes in the Student Book, complete homework and assessments, and communicate with the teacher. Also available as single-year subscriptions.

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Additional Curriculum Materials

  • #SLN-1
    Lab-Aids Science Lab Notebook
    The Science Lab Notebook is blank and can be used with any unit or program. 160 pages, each featuring GraphAnywhere, which allows data tables and graphs to be drawn quickly, and a format that helps organization of labs and notes.
  • #NAC-3LM
    Laboratory Investigations Manual

    A Natural Approach to Chemistry Lab Investigation Manual, Third Edition contains over 65 hands-on student lab investigations, including 4 longer and engineering-based labs. Each investigation was specifically designed to promote collaborative group work and independent inquiry while supporting and extending important concepts presented in A Natural Approach to Chemistry Student Edition. Each investigation includes a complete...

  • #NAC-3TE
    Printed Teacher Edition

    A Natural Approach to Chemistry, Third Edition Teacher's Edition contains all the essential teaching tips needed to present the information in both the A Natural Approach to Chemistry Lab Investigation Manual and the A Natural Approach to Chemistry Student Edition textbook. Some of the valuable features include information on the spiral approach...


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