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Examining Fossils (Developed by SEPUP)

kit #406S

Fossils provide important evidence about changes on earth. This kit provides students with the opportunity to handle and examine eight different fossils from various localities and geologic ages. Fossils of species that are no longer living, as well as fossils of species similar but not identical to those alive today, provide evidence for extinction and evolutionary change. Students experience first-hand the power and limitations of using fossils as evidence of past life and as one of the bases for determining evolutionary relationships. The geologic time scale is also introduced. This kit is complete for 32 students and is reusable.


  • Explore the role of fossils as evidence
  • Gather data through observations
  • Understand the history and evolution of life on earth

Content List in Examining Fossils (Developed by SEPUP) is as follows:

Quantity Description
1 Teacher’s Guide
32 Student Worksheets and Guides
32 Student Data Sheets: Fossil Observations
16 Magnifying lenses
1 Transparency: Geologic Time Scale
Fossil Samples:
2 Admetopsis subfusiformis
2 Alethopteris serii
2 Ammonite sp
2 Elrathi kingi
2 Goniobasis tenera
2 Knightia sp
2 Mucrospirifer thedfordensis
2 Tabulopyllum sp
Recommended number of students
maximum 32 per class
Number of groups
8 per class
Number of classes
unlimited (no consumable materials)

To complete this kit will require one to two ~50-minute periods.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Examining Fossils 406S $188.95