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Plant Cloning: Propagating Cuttings

kit #60R

This life science kit provides students with specially designed materials that make it easy to clone plants through the process known as asexual plant propagation. This activity requires no special facilities for plant propagation because the Lab-Aids® Greenhouses automatically control many environmental conditions. The Lab-Aids® Greenhouse was designed for small, controlled investigations and this easy-to use apparatus allows students to readily observe plant physiology, particularly root development.

  • The creation of a new plant from parent plant parts other than seeds or spores is a form of cloning known as vegetative or asexual propagation
  • Propagation can be accomplished by division of the rootstock, by cutting, or by grafting.

Content List in Plant Cloning: Propagating Cuttings is as follows:

Quantity Description
6 Lab-Aids® Greenhouses with detachable vented roof
6 Light shields for Greenhouses
6 Graduated sticks
6 Usage guides
3 Bags of growth medium
2 30-mL bottles of root inducing hormone
28 Student Worksheet and Guides
1 Teacher’s Guide
1 MSDS booklet
# groups
maximum 6 at the same time
# students
maximum 24 at the same time

The preparation and planting of the cutting takes no more than one ~50 minute class period and then periodic observations will require small amounts of class time on and off for the next several weeks

Title Item # Price Quantity
Plant Cloning: Propagating Cuttings 60R $139.95
ADD A GROUP for Plant Cloning: Propagating Cuttings 60REL $39.95