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Solar System and Beyond | NGSS

Solar System and Beyond | NGSS

What kinds of future space missions should we fund and conduct?

Students take observations from their everyday life and build scientific models to try to understand how phenomena, such as changes in the moon’s appearance, seasons, and gravity work. Through data collection and analyzation students later use their understanding of what can be learned through space missions to determine the trade-offs of different proposed space missions.

Students generate and answer questions such as: What causes the patterns of motion of objects in space? What causes a solar or lunar eclipse? How can we use technology, either from Earth or space missions, to understand space objects and how they appear to move through space?

Details at a Glance

  • 4-7 Weeks | ~50 minute class periods
  • 17 Activities
  • Accommodates 5 classes, each with 8 groups of 4 students
  • Consumables service 160 students
  • Includes Spanish student materials
  • Meets our criteria for supporting literacy
  • Includes digital resources
  • Developed in partnership with SEPUP & The Lawrence Hall of Science
  • Includes assessment

Evidence of Alignment

Issues and Science was developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science in response to the need for high quality, three dimensional, phenomena driven curriculum. Quick details from this unit: 

  • Anchoring phenomenon: There are a variety of objects in space, there are patterns of changes in the positions of these objects in the sky, and technology has played a critical role in obtaining evidence about these objects.
  • Investigative phenomena within the 17 activities connect content to the unit issue, What kinds of future space missions should we fund and conduct?
  • This unit builds towards and assesses Performance Expectations (PE) ESS1-1, ESS1-2, ESS1-3.

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Program Components

Lab-Aids programs combine components to make a system for learning. Learn more about each of the four components below. 

What comes with my unit materials?

The complete equipment package includes all the equipment needed to teach the activities and one license for our online teacher portal.

Equipment for all Unit Activities

Includes a mobile storage cart and a complete set of materials for 17 units of study. Our complete equipment package supports up to 5 classes of 32 students.

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Online Teacher Portal License

Online Teacher Portal access for one teacher for 7 years, which includes: Spanish versions, LABsent, editable PowerPoints, Teacher Edition, Student Book, and supplemental resources.

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What are the options for student access?

Student access is not included in the Complete Equipment Package to keep purchasing options flexible. You have the option of purchasing printed student books, online student access, or both.

Student Book

Additional $34.50 per book

Hardbound, high-quality student books are designed to last the length of an adoption for use year after year. Unlike a traditional texbook, the Student Book does not provide science content through reading and questions. Instead students are encouraged to question, investigate, and analyze in each of the heavily field-tested activities. 

Online Student Portal License

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The online student portal is optional but highly recommended. Here students will find access to Remote Learning Activities in case of an absence, support tools like ReadSpeaker with translation, and can have direct communication with the teacher (for schools who want this feature).

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Additional Unit Materials

If you need hard copies or additional supplies, we provide a suite of materials designed to supplement and support your complete package.

  • #SLN-1
    Lab-Aids Science Lab Notebook
    The Science Lab Notebook is blank and can be used with any unit or program. 160 pages, each featuring GraphAnywhere, which allows data tables and graphs to be drawn quickly, and a format that helps organization of labs and notes.
    Printed Teacher Edition
    A printed Teacher Edition is the perfect complement to the Online Teacher Portal. Full-color pages in a tabbed, three-ring binder make it easy to personalize with highlighting, annotations, rearrangements, and insertions.
    Spanish Student Book | Hardcover

    The Spanish Student Book guides students in exploring a socio-science issue and connected phemonena through a series of varied activity types. Activity types use one of twelve different instructional strategies to apply Science and Engineering Practices to specific Disciplinary Core Ideas and Cross Cutting Concepts.

    SEPUP's integrated literacy strategies help students...

  • #SMS-SPA-3HD
    Hands-On@Home | Solar System and Beyond Deluxe Package
    Hands-on@Home deluxe material sets for individual student use, at home or in a distanced classroom.
  • #SMS-SPA-3HB
    Hands-On@Home | Solar System and Beyond Basic Package
    Hands-on@Home basic material sets for individual student use, at home or in a distanced classroom.

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Issues and Earth Science | Second Edition

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Solar System and Beyond | NGSS

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