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Basic Owl Pellet Study

kit #37

Students use illustrations to identify and classify the skulls and exoskeletons found in owl pellets. This kit is especially useful for lower grade students who are just learning about food chains and food webs.


Pellets collected from a single region, sterilized, and individually wrapped

Content List in Basic Owl Pellet Study is as follows:

Quantity Description
1 Teacher’s Guide
30 Student Worksheets and Guides
15 Owl pellets - sterilized, and individually wrapped
15 Probes
Number of students
Number of groups
Maximum 15 groups

To complete this kit requires 1 to 2 ~50-minute class periods.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Basic Owl Pellet Study 37 $109.50
40 Small Owl Pellets (1.25" or less) 37-OPS $113.25
30 Medium Owl Pellets (1.25" to 1.5") 37-OPM $123.50
12 Large Owl Pellets (1.5" or greater) 37-OPL $59.00
Owl Pellet Refill Pack (13 LG, 1 MED, 1 SM) 37-OP $66.45